We hear this expression in places where we are welcome or say it when we ourselves are glad to welcome someone in our premises. This kind and inviting word disposes to have a pleasant pastime in the bosom of family, friends and simply among good-natured people wherever you are – at home or outside.

Communication and change of scenery charge us with positive emotions both together and separately. That’s why we would like others to have a chance to feel happy more often. But we can’t do without your assistance in this matter. You don’t need to do anything sophisticated – you just have to desire …

And what do you have to desire? To have this chance.

For individuals:

  • to spend time with family by focusing on “here and now”
  • to stay one on one with your beloved, not being distracted by household chores and domestic matters
  • to watch your favourite movie being wrapped in a blanket and having forgotten about your homework
  • to listen to your favourite rock band at full volume, without disturbing the rest of your family members
  • to continue spending time with friends when the younger generation is asleep
  • to live separately from parents, given that the homemade food and washing machine are within hand reach

In this way, you can concentrate on what is really valuable in our lives – family, communication, hobbies.

For corporate clients:

  • to work from home, increasing efficiency; to hold meetings with partners, not bringing them into the house
  • to expand the capacity and output of your tourism enterprise
  • to arrange a country area suitable to conduct workshops, corporate and team building events
  • to open your first or next representative office in high-traffic areas, paying rent only for the used area (for example, by renting only the area where you need to put a tiny house)

In this way, the issues related to the organization of the workspace will be settled, and you will have more time to take decisions on development and increasing profits.

If you the desire to expand the number of positive people is in line with your vision (that goes for you too) on this planet and/or you appreciate any of the above-mentioned possibilities, let`s get acquainted – we are Small House!

We offer frame houses and cabins together with gazebos!