Everyone knows a saying “A man must do 3 things in his life – plant a tree, raise a son and build a house”. The first two are yours to take care of but with the third case we are ready to help.

You can order a kit from us for independent assembly of the house you fancy. What is a house kit? It’s a special construction kit, which contains the necessary elements for the fast assembly of the frame of a house. The main components of the kit are boards cut to specific pre-defined sizes. On-site they only need to be assembled together according to the instructions included in the kit.

Benefits of the house kit:

  • You save time on inventing a building solution and cutting boards with the required size;
  • On the site there is no excess materials and scraps of boards that interfere with the assembly process and moving around;
  • Assembly can be done without expert building skills and special tools;
  • Interior and/or exterior finishing can be carried out when possible or necessary;
  • Tthere’s no need to worry about the reliability of the construction;
  • Assembly with the help of family or friends will make your team closer.

When ordering a house kit you will get:

  • Frame made of planed boards (material for floor and roofing, internal and external walls)
  • Fixing material (screws, nails)
  • Drawings for assembly.

Tools required for assembly:

  • A level
  • A pencil and measuring tape
  • A screwdriver
  • A hammer

To cut the long story short building a house is not as difficult as it may first seem. And if you have any questions regarding the assembly – you are free to contact us and we will help.


Frame 20


Frame 25


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Frame 59