Every man to his taste and tastes differ, that’s a fact. That’s why it is normal if you don’t fancy any of the mini houses projects offered by us. In that case you can order the solution that will 100% suit your taste.

You can send us a house plan drawn freehand on a piece of paper or it can be a photo from the Internet, it can be just the size and shape of the building that you like – based on this information we will draw a construction project that will turn your picture into a real house.

A construction project is an integral part of the production which means that for our customers the design of the project is free of charge. And this is regardless of whether our team will assemble your house on your site or you decide to do it yourself.

The construction project usually takes about two to three weeks and the same amount of time (depending on the production load) is needed to prepare the house kit. You will need some patience at the finish line for putting a mini-house together – and there it is on your plot: a house tailored for your needs.

So this means that only 1.5 or 2 months after submitting your freehand sketch you can step over the threshold of your new house!