What is a house kit?

It’s is a special kit of boards cut to specific pre-defined sizes, which you independently or our team will assemble on your site. If you purchase a kit for self-assembly we will send you the entire set of materials required for the frame of your mini house.


What are the benefits of your products?

We specialize in compact buildings which means that production and on-site assembly are done quickly.

When ordering a mini house with assembly you will have more confidence: all necessary spaces are insulated, membranes are installed correctly. For example, when ordering an element house, it has already internal and external materials installed so the quality of insulation is not visible.

Buying a house with assembly by our team you save time on finding materials and assembly teams and putting the house together on your site will also take less time.

If you buy a house kit for self-assembly, you save money and don’t have to pay for the assembly service.

But in both cases you save money on transport and lifting, since all the necessary material is brought to the site all at once and there’s no need to order a heavy crane for unloading like in case of element or modular structures.


Can I add something to a house kit for self-assembly?

Yes of course. It is possible, for example, to complete your order with external and/or internal finishing materials, the planned lathing.


What if I don’t know what materials I need to buy if I order a kit for self-assembly?

Based on your expectations of a small-house (its purpose) and geographic location, we will tell you what you need to compile your order.


How long does it take to draw a design if I want to order my own project?

If among the proposed options you don’t fancy any and you want a small-house to your taste then the development of the project will take up to three weeks.


How long does it take to produce a house kit?

Deadlines depend on our production load. In most cases the house kit will be ready for delivery approximately in 2-3 weeks after signing your order.


How is the kit delivered to my site?

Since the prepared pieces of the house are transported unassembled all the necessary building materials (including insulation, windows, roofing) are delivered to the site by road all at once and there’s no need to use machinery with high lifting capacity as there are no bulky elements or modules.


How long does it take to assemble a house on the site?

Depending on the size of the house it takes up to two weeks.


What foundation is needed for a small-house?

Taking into account the size of the building all options will be suitable, starting with the simplest one – concrete blocks and piles. Of course you can prepare a strip or slab foundation.


What about communication systems in the house (water, electricity)?

The house has electrical wiring (for sockets/switches/lighting fittings) and all necessary pipelines for water and sewage.